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Monthly Archives: April 2017

A new life begins with a professional treatment

Discovery Houses is one of the largest therapeutic communities of the Costa Mesa, California dedicated especially to help those suffering from the terrible disease, as it is the addiction to different substances, behaviors and addictive behaviors. It is for this reason that we firmly believe that a new life can be achieved as a result of that patients begin with a professional treatment that respects human dignity above all.

The community created in the homes of rehabilitation of Discovery Houses is based on the values that truly respect the dignity of each one of the patients who arrive with the hope and confidence to be able to regain full control of their lives and move forward in an environment free from temptations and negative, destructive and problematic. If you want to know more about our houses of rehabilitation focused on young people and adults, men and women who want to that change in their lives, then we invite you to that filters by the forums available here in our official website of discovery houses where you will communicate with the customer service staff through the run and numbers.

It is worth mentioning that we have a staff of highly trained and 100% professional to treat and follow up on cases of addictions more complicated than presented to us and we are also specialists in resolving any type of situation of discontent to be present among patients who share houses.

We have to remember that day by day the increase of addictions is growing and it is time that all of us as families, friends and community as a whole will put an end to this situation and the best way to do this is by giving the necessary support to our loved ones starting at home and then ask for professional help to us, that is why we have created these houses of rehabilitation for people with problems of addiction to different substances that truly need and want that change in their lives.

Enter now to our  discovery house`s official website and learn more about the hard work that takes place with these groups of people addicted to be able to give total control of their lives and teach them how to live together again in a society as demanding as we have every one of us. Think no more takes the best decision now and see the results soon.