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Monthly Archives: June 2017

The Basics of A Doctor’s Note

Today, many people want to take at least one day off to mentally recover from a grueling workload that has become hamperedstudents and workers. One way people are resorting to get a day off is to go to their doctor and get a note stating they are ill and need x amount of days off to recover. They get it, sometimes, by faking the symptoms.Other tines, people fake the note rather than go through the trouble of going to the doctor and acting out the symptoms. It is easy to make up a note, but the real question is doing it without being expose and getting into some trouble for this act of – in all honesty – cowardice and laziness.

First thing to inform about fake notes is to never have a fake signature because it’s illegal under the charge of fraud. The signature does make the note unquestionable, but notes can be given without it. However, don’t do it; just get the perfect template that can be edited and printed. When choosing the template, one should also be aware of it being a medical discharge document or a from the physician’s office because the next thing that has to be accounted is what condition is the reason for the absence. It has to be legitimate and not silly, not too severe for concern, but not too weak as an excuse. The most important part of the fake doctor’s note: info including address and phone number. This is tricky because the number should be real, but the doctor’s name should not be. (Using a real name under false pretenses is also forgery.)

Then, there is getting away with sending the note, which can be easily spotted if sloppy. First be attentive about is what the professor or boss will see when receiving it. They are not stupid to accept anything as the real thing. If it looks obviously false, change it. The same goes about mentioning about false notes to people. In Fight Club, the first rule is, “You don’t talk about Fight Club.” So, remove “fight club” and put in “doctor’s note.” Nobody, not even the closest of friends or co-workers, need to get wind of a fraudulent note being sent to get out an unwanted assignment. Keep it at one consistent story to be told only on the paper and remember all of the necessary facts about it. For every question being asked, there must be an answer for it. “I don’t know” is not an answer; getting away with a lie is like peeling away an onion.

To turn in the fake note is be very confident that it will be accepted. Consider this like a CIA or MI6 operation, where spies must fib their way into success in getting intelligence. If questioned beyond what kind of illness or surgery performed, remember about medical confidentiality and that there is no need to give more details because of the to privacy. People can be snoopy, but people will understand because of the sensitivity of the condition, such as one having cancer or testing positive for a serious virus. By using a doctor’s note for work and school, employees and students can be excused from doing any absent work that they don’t want to do without any problems.