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Treating Typhoid With Home Remedies

When you eat or drink anything that is debased, the typhoid bringing about microbes enters your body and go into your digestion tracts, to your circulatory system lastly get to your lymph hubs, gallbladder, liver, spleen, and different parts of your body.

Home Remedies for Typhoid fever

Typhoid fever is regular in creating nations as a result of the poor cleanliness displayed by the general population. The following are a couple home solutions for treating typhoid fever rapidly.

1) Bitter leaf juice: take some naturally pressed biting leaf squeeze twice every day till the manifestations vanish. On the other hand, heat up the stem and base of intense leave plant and drink a glass twice day by day till the manifestations vanish.

If it’s not too much trouble note: sharp leave juice causes free stool or cleanses on occasion if taken in overabundance, don’t take more than 5 leaves for each glass.

2) Apple juice vinegar

Blend ½ teaspoon of apple juice vinegar in a fix of water. You may consider adding nectar to make it delectable and attractive for you. Take this blend before every dinner for 5 days. Vinegar will make you urinate a considerable measure, so you should have a latrine close by.

3) Garlic for auto safe

Garlic is a characteristic anti-infection, it will suck up mucous and eliminate microbes. On the off chance that you can, cut the clove of garlic into little pieces and swallow it. Yes you will notice a little and it will feel amusing in your stomach yet it works. Proceed with a few bits of crude garlic a day for a couple days.

4) Lemons

Press a whole lemon or lime and drink the juice with hot or cool water and nectar to taste. Lemons and limes are regular disinfectants and will alkalize your gut. Add cuts of lemon to your water for one week after typhoid finding.

5) Apples and carrots

Nibble on apples and carrots for good processing, recall to wash all organic products altogether before utilization to guarantee all microbes is no more.

6) Traditional typhoid fever lemon grass cure


lemon grass, limes, unripe paw-paw, unripe pineapples, alabukun powder, dark tea/lipton tea packs, water.


– Cut these things (lemon grass, 25 limes, 2 unripe paw-paw, 2 unripe pineapples) to pieces and combine likewise include 6 sacks of dark tea to the blend.

– Boil the blend for 30 to 40 minutes with 3 liters of water.

– Add alabukun powder 5 mins to the finish of the cooking.